Established by the Dana Foundation in 1995, Brain Awareness Week is a global event promoting neuroscience research and education. Each year, neuroscientists, in partnership with universities, schools, and community organizations, celebrate Brain Awareness Week by hosting public events such as lectures, information displays, art shows, and children’s activities. To learn more about Brain Awareness Week and see pictures from events held across the world, please visit the Dana Foundation’s Brain Awareness Week web site.

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The MNN is proud to sponsor a variety of Brain Awareness Week activities, including the Winnipeg Brain Bee, Café Scientifique, and Neurocraft. We also invite high-profile Canadian neuroscientists to give public presentations on their research. We have had the pleasure of welcoming the following speakers to Winnipeg for Brain Awareness Week:

2018: Dr. Pierre Marquet, Université Laval, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Neurophotonics

2017: Dr. Luda Diatchenko, McGill University, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Human Pain Genetics

2016: Dr. Oliver Ernst, University of Toronto, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Structural Neurobiology

2015: Dr. Matthew Farrer, University of British Columbia, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Neurogenetics and Translational Neuroscience

2012: Dr. Adrian Owen, Western University, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging

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