The Chapter Executive consists of the President, Secretary and Treasurer, who are elected by SFN Winnipeg Chapter members in good standing. There is also a Council with representation from the various Chapter stakeholder campuses/institutions and students. The most recent proposed governance Bylaws can be found by clicking here.

The Chapter President also serves as the Executive Director of the Manitoba Neuroscience Network, responsible for networking, outreach and education initiatives in Manitoba with stakeholders extending beyond Chapter membership. Click here for more details about Manitoba Neuroscience Network leadership.

Current Office Holders 

Chris Anderson, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology and Director, Neuroscience Research Program
Kleysen Institute for Advanced Medicine and University of Manitoba

David McCrea, PhD
Professor of Physiology & Pathophysiology
Spinal Cord Research Centre, University of Manitoba

Paul Fernyhough, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology and Director, Division of Neurodegenerative Disorders
St. Boniface Hospital Research and University of Manitoba

Phillip Gardiner, PhD
Tammy Ivanco, PhD
Brent Fedirchuk, PhD