About the MNN

The Manitoba Neuroscience Network (MNN) is an organization of academic faculty, physicians, research professionals and trainees dedicated to advancing networking, outreach and education in the neurosciences in Manitoba. Over 60 primary research investigators from four University of Manitoba Faculties, five research institutes and the University of Winnipeg are unified by the activities of the MNN in a virtual institute model, showcasing world-class interdisciplinary neurosciences research being conducted in Manitoba, recruiting and training highly qualified research personnel and creating new opportunities to inform the public of the value of research in the neurosciences.

MNN research is enabled by a tapestry of collaborations, leveraging diverse interdisciplinary strengths among faculty researchers. Collaborations are formed and nurtured by consistent MNN networking opportunities including the MNN Seminar and Speaker Series and the MNN Annual Scientific Meeting. MNN members are committed to research training in the neurosciences by offering a diverse range of graduate degree programs in the neurosciences, as well as awards for conference travel, distinguished speaker nominations and more through the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Graduate Studies.

MNN outreach is accomplished by a rich and growing series of activities including extensive participation in International Brain Awareness Week, public presentations, Café Scientifique public forums on current topics, creation and curation of neurosciences-based art, and funding awards for aspiring research neuroscientists.

Society for Neuroscience Winnipeg Chapter

The MNN also operates a local chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (SFN). The SFN Winnipeg Chapter has a 30 year history as a vibrant SFN chapter with over 200 active members whose professional dues and volunteer commitments fuel opportunities for neuroscience networking, outreach and education, led by the Manitoba Neuroscience Network. You can become a member by clicking here.