Signing up & getting started

How to become a member

1.  Go to Become a Member.

2. Select your membership level.  You can read more about the categories here before making your selection.

3. Fill in all the required fields.

4. If paying with FOP enter your 16 digit FOP #.  Approve the charges by clicking the check-box (required).

5. If paying with Credit Card, select this as the payment option and enter your card info.

6. Click Sign-Up.

  • If you pay with FOP, your membership will activate within 24 business hours.  You can still sign into your account during this time. You should receive your transaction and payment details upon activation.
  •  If you pay with credit card, transaction and payment details will be emailed to you immediately.

How to access your account
Manage your account in the Membership Area.  Here you can change your personal info, view your membership details including expiration date, access your payment history, and renew your membership.  

Log into the Membership Area here to access your account.

  •  Regular Members and Primary All-Inclusive Members have access to two (2) sections: My Accounts & Scientific Profile.
  • Other members (eg. trainees and technicians) are not eligible to create a public Scientific Profile and will only have access to the My Account section.  If you are part of an All-Inclusive Membership, you must enter your account details in the Membership Area to complete the membership registration process.

How to subscribe your lab under your membership
For All-Inclusive Memberships only. 

1.  The Primary All-Inclusive Member must be logged into the Membership Area.

2. Click on My Accounts. Navigate the submenu and click on Memberships > Subaccounts > Add subaccount >  Enter name/email of member >  Submit. Repeat with all lab members.

3.  Lab members should receive an email prompting them to complete their account set-up.

Important:  Subscribed members must create a password and fill in their account details to complete their membership process.  If your subscribed member did not receive an email please have them check their spam/junk mail or contact us.

How to complete setting up your account if your membership is prepaid
For Memberships that are prepaid under the All-Inclusive rate only.  

1.  Once subscribed by your Supervisor, you will receive an email.  If no email is received, check your spam/junk folders.

2. Click on Complete Setting Up My Account.  This link is specific to you and should not be shared.

3. Create a password and you will be redirected to the Membership Area.

4. Fill in your personal information and click Save.

Important:  Subscribed members must create a password and fill in their account details to complete their membership process.  If your Supervisor subscribed you but you did not receive an email please have check your spam/junk mail or contact us.

How to complete your Scientist Profile
Applicable to Regular Members and Primary All-Inclusive Members only.  Manage your Scientific Profile in the Membership Area.  Here you can include info related to your degree, academic appointments/affiliations, research/lab personnel, publication details, website/socials, and advertise recruitments.

1.  Log into the Membership Area. Alternatively, you can access it from the main menu under: Research > Scientist Profile (this is only visible if logged in)

2.  Click on Scientist Profile.

3. Complete as many fields as possible.

4. Upload a good quality photo.  Must be a JPG or PNG.  Max size 5MB.  The ratio is 1:1 (square).  All other ratios will be cropped.

5.  Click Save.

6.  New profiles and subsequent changes to existing profiles will be reviewed by the MNN prior to being published or updated.  Allow for 24-36 business hours for review. Once your profile is approved you will be listed in the Scientist Profile Directory.

How to view your Scientist Profile
To view your LIVE profile

1.  Navigate the main menu and hover over Research > Our Scientists.

2.  Use the search options to find your name and click to view your profile.


I was a member previously. Will I have to set up a new account?


With the new membership system old memberships/accounts have been purged.  We are starting with a clean slate!

My Supervisor prepaid my membership but I didn't receive a Welcome Email.

Sometimes our emails end up in the junk/spam folders. 

Please put on the Safe Sender’s list in your Junk  E-mail options to prevent this in the future.

If you still can't find our emails, please contact us.


Why am I not listed in the Scientist Profile Directory?

You have not created your Scientist Profile.

To be listed in our Scientist Profile Directory, you must create/complete your Scientist Profile from the Membership Area. If your profile is incomplete and unsubmitted, it will not be published to the Directory.

Allow for 24-36 hours for review. Once the profile is approved it will be listed in the Scientist Profile Directory.

You are not a Regular Member or Primary All-Inclusive Member.

Only Regular members including those that are the Primary Member of an All-Inclusive group can create a Scientist Profile.  Trainees (ie. students, post-docs) and other associates are not eligible to create a Scientist Profile.

When will my FOP be charged? Can I change my FOP after I've registered?

FOPs are not charged immediately. 

FOPs used to pay for memberships are charged at a later time by our finance person.  When you authorize payment using this method during the sign up process, you give us permission to charge your FOP for membership fees and we will not seek approval again.

You may change the FOP# so long as charges have not yet been applied.

If you need to change your FOP contact us by email as soon as possible. If your FOP has already been charged, it is possible to transfer for your department to transfer the charges to another FOP.  Contact them directly.


When does my membership expire? Will I get a reminder to renew?

One (1) year from the date of purchase. Yes, members will receive a reminder to renew.

Memberships expire one year from the date you registered.  Before it expires, you will receive an email reminding you to renew.  If you let your membership expire, you can always sign up again.

How many members can be included in an All-Inclusive Membership?


Primary All-Inclusive Members can subscribe an unlimited number of lab members under their direct Supervision.  This can include Trainees (Students/Post docs), Technicians, Research Associates, and Research Assistants.

Why is my Scientist Profile picture cropped?

The ratio is 1:1 (square).  All other ratios will be cropped.

You will need to format your image into a square before you upload a photo. The max size file size is 5 mb.  The file types accepted are .jpg or .png.


Didn’t find the answer? Contact us.