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Payment options

Membership fees can be paid with FOP or credit card.

If you pay with FOP, your membership will activate within 24 hours.  You can still sign into your account during this time. You should receive your transaction and payment details upon activation.   If you pay with credit card, transaction and payment details will be emailed to you immediately.


categories & fees

The Manitoba Neuroscience Network is proud to offer affordable individual and group rates.  By becoming a member you are enabling MNN activities that support scientists and trainees.  Membership fees help drive opportunities for networking and collaboration, provide funding for trainees, and supports our outreach efforts to make neuroscience accessible to the public.  Thank you members!

Regular Membership – $60 annually

Regular Membership is intended for academic faculty, physicians and non-trainee professionals in other industries. Regular Membership includes:

  • Access to all MNN activities, awards and services
  • Create an MNN Scientist Profile and get listed in our Directory (must create a Scientist Profile to be listed)
  • Discounted registration for all MNN Scientific Meetings
  • Option to register an entire laboratory staff at an All-Inclusive rate

Regular Membership

All-Inclusive Laboratory Rate – $120 annually

Most popular option for labs.  The All-Inclusive rate reduces the total costs of membership for large laboratories substantially below the costs of individual membership fees that would otherwise be paid. This is valid for one Principal Investigator (PI) who qualifies as a “Regular Member,” and an unlimited number of “Associate Members” and “Student Members” under their direct supervision and lab.

When an All-inclusive laboratory rate is chosen, the qualifying Regular Member (Primary All-Inclusive Member) can subscribe their Associate or Student Members within their account when logged in: Membership Area > My Accounts > Memberships > Subaccounts > Add subaccount >  Enter name/email of member >  SubmitSubscribed members must create a password and fill in their account details to complete their membership process.  If your subscribed member did not receive an email please have them check their spam/junk mail or contact us.

All-Inclusive Membership

Associate Membership – $30 annually

Associate Membership is intended for individuals who are not registered students but are working under the supervision of an individual who is eligible for Regular Membership. Examples include postdoctoral fellows, medical residents and research associates. Emeritus academic faculty are also eligible for Associate Membership. Associate Membership includes:

  • Access to all MNN activities, awards and services
  • Discounted registration for all MNN Scientific Meetings

Associate Membership

Student Membership – $15 annually

Student Membership is intended for all undergraduate and graduate students currently registered in any academic program in Manitoba. Student Membership includes:

  • Access to all MNN activities, awards and services
  • Discounted registration for all MNN Scientific Meetings

Student Membership