Café Scientifique is a series of public panel discussions sponsored by the Office of the Vice-President (Research and International) at the University of Manitoba. Each session features University of Manitoba faculty members who discuss their research in fields related to health and disease.

As part of Brain Awareness Week, the MNN co-sponsors an annual Café Scientifique session that focuses on current topics in neuroscience research.


2021 Café Scientifique sessions are held online!

7: 00 – 8:30 PM

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20/21 Season

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Combatting Multiple Sclerosis from different angles 

Panelists:  Dr. Ruth Ann Marrie, Dr. Kaarina Kowalec, and Dr. Soheila Karimi


Research in Motion: Using new technologies to diagnose and treat Parkinson’s disease

Panelists:  Dr. Ji Hyun Ko, Dr. Douglas Hobson, and Dr. Tony Szturm



Addiction and the brain – why is it so hard to quit?

Panelists: Dr. Erin Knight, Dr. Matthew Keough, and Dr. Gordon Glazner


Analyzing a Spectrum: The Neuroscience of Autism

Panelists: Dr. Tabrez Siddiqui, Dr. Janine Montgomery, and Dr. Cheryl Glazebrook


The Battle against Brain Tumours: Developing New Treatments through Innovative Research

Panelists: Dr. Marshall Pitz, Dr. Tamra Werbowetski-Ogilvie, and Dr. Sachin Katyal


Multiple Sclerosis: Questions and Answers from Manitoba Researchers

Panelists: Dr. Chase Figley, Dr. Ruth Ann Marrie, and Dr. James Marriott


Keeping Your Head in the Game: How Concussions Affect the Brain

Panelists: Dr. Michael Ellis, Dr. Kelly Russell, Dr. Tammy Ivanco, and Dr. Jeffrey Leiter