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This is Neurocraft

Neurocraft is a collaboration between the Manitoba Neuroscience Network and the Manitoba Craft Council.  This program explores the connections between art and science, and by doing so, aims to make neuroscience more accessible to the public.  It also provides Manitoba artists with opportunities to expand their practice and pursue new creative directions.

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neurocraft on exhibit


Winnipeg – Brodie Atrium

In 2014, nine MNN researchers were paired with nine artists working a variety of media, including ceramics, fibre art, printmaking, bookbinding, and video.  Through discussions and laboratory visits, the artists created pieces inspired by their partners’ research and their own personal experiences.  The resulting works were exhibited at the University of Manitoba’s John Buhler Research Centre Atrium from March 3-17, 2017 in conjunction with Brain Awareness Week.

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Photos courtesy of the Manitoba Craft Council.  Access the full album here.



A second Neurocraft exhibition was held May 27 – June 24, 2017 at the Visual Voice Gallery in Montreal.  In addition to the public opening, a special reception was held for members of the Canadian Association for Neuroscience as part of the 11th Annual Meeting.  Please visit the Visual Voice Gallery‘s web site to learn more about their mission and to see images from the Neurocraft exhibition.

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Winnipeg – C2 Centre 

We are excited to announce that a new Neurocraft exhibition will be held in Winnipeg in March, 2018 at the new C2 Centre for Craft!  Revisit this page and the Manitoba Craft Council web site for exhibition updates, and announcements regarding the recruitment of new artists and scientists for the next phase of Neurocraft!

More photos

Photos courtesy of the Manitoba Craft Council.  Access the full album here.

neurocraft SPIN-OFFS

The MNN and MCC also hosted several other public events in conjunction with the exhibition, including a panel discussion with the artists and scientists, and a craft workshop for Health Sciences Centre and University of Manitoba staff and students.

Neurocraft workshops with Anne Stinner

Neurocraft artist Anne Stinner taught a “Brain Books” workshop at the C2 Centre for kids/students.  The young artists used watercolours to paint neurons, inspired by images of the brain by Santiago Ramón y Cajal, who is considered to be the Father of Neuroscience.  Participants also took a tour of the Neurocraft exhibit, which was led by Dr. Sari Hannila.  The workshop was also available to faculty/trainees at the University of Manitoba Brodie Centre.


Neurocraft Panel Discussion

In March 2017, Neurocraft artists joined scientists at the Winnipeg Free Press Café to discuss the interplay between science and art – Brainstorming: What Can Art and Neuroscience Learn from Each Other? 

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