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Jeremy W Chopek, PhD

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Appointments & Affiliations

Assistant Professor
Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology
Rady Faculty of Health Sciences - Max Rady College of Medicine
University of Manitoba

Principal Investigator
Spinal Cord Research Centre, University of Manitoba

Research Information

spinal cord injury, motoneurons, brainstem, locomotion, electrophysiology, optogenetics, calcium imaging, motor system neurophysiology

My discovery research focuses on determining the mechanisms through which the nervous system produces movement. Specifically, my research focuses on the neural circuits involved in movement initiation (i.e. brainstem) and movement execution (i.e. spinal cord). My research also focuses on the interaction of sensory input in modulating these motor centres as well as the interaction/integration between movement centres and autonomic centres that maintain homeostasis and provide metabolic support during movement. The long term goal is to understand motor circuit function and dysfunction in people


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Contact Information

406-745 Bannatyne Ave

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