Making history: Manitoba student wins Canadian National Brain Bee

Antoni Klonowski holds the Winnipeg Brain Bee championship trophy. Photo: Lindsay Metruk

The 2021 Winnipeg Brain Bee saw Antoni Klonowski rise above the competition to win the title of Winnipeg’s Best Brain. At only 15 years old, he is one of the youngest brain bees to win the local competition in Winnipeg. He further made history when he became the first Manitoba student to win the CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee in June. In November, Antoni went on to represent Canada in the 2021 International Brain Bee, which featured students from 25 countries. He is the first Manitoban to represent Canada in the international competition. Antoni ranked in the top three, winning third place overall; a remarkable achievement for a tenth grader. Antoni is currently attending Vincent Massey High School in Brandon, Manitoba. He has interests in chemistry and biology, and is an aspiring neurosurgeon. Outside school he enjoys practicing classical guitar, running, playing badminton and table tennis, and listening to classical music.