Type: Graduate Student
Faculty Advisor: Chris Anderson
Contact: chris.anderson@umanitoba.ca
Graduate Program: The Anderson Lab is looking for motivated and promising graduate students to be trained in advanced research techniques designed to investigate how brain blood flow is regulated in healthy and diseased brain, and how glioblastoma tumor cells interact with host brain cells to create an aggressive environment for cancer relapse. Email Dr. Anderson for details.

Type: Graduate Student
Faculty Advisor: Renee Douville
Contact: r.douville@uwinnipeg.ca
Graduate Program:

Type: Graduate Student
Faculty Advisor: Soheila Karimi
Contact: soheila.karimi@umanitoba.ca
Graduate Program: The Karimi Program offer advanced training in neurosciences and regenerative medicine. Motivated students are encouraged to apply: 1) their complete CV, 2) transcripts of all degrees (BSc and MSC), 3) English Score (for international students) and 4) sample of their publications (for PhD admission) to Soheila.Karimi@umanitoba.ca. A GPA of 4.0 out of 4.5 scale is the minimum requirement for accepting prospective graduate students in Karimi's laboratory. For international graduate students, a minimum TOFEL score of 95 or IELTS score of 7 and higher (valid for two years) is also required. No applications will be considered without an acceptable English Proficiency certificate.

Type: Graduate Student
Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Marotta
Contact: jonathan.marotta@umanitoba.ca
Graduate Program: The Perception and Action Lab offers students a unique opportunity for training in neuropsychological approaches, visuomotor control, visual psychophysics, fMRI, and high-level object vision. As a research mentor, Dr. Marotta strives to help his students see that by continuing to develop their research skills and remain flexible in their approach, they will always be able to tackle the next question, no matter what form it may take. An advisor must help their trainees find the career that is the best fit for them, be it inside or outside academia. Dr. Marotta’s trainees develop in-demand skills, as is evident by their success in obtaining employment.