Type: Postdoctoral Fellow
Faculty Advisor: Renee Douville
Contact: r.douville@uwinnipeg.ca
Description of Opportunity:

Type: Postdoctoral Fellow
Faculty Advisor: Soheila Karimi
Contact: soheila.karimi@umanitoba.ca
Description of Opportunity: Candidates for postdoctoral training should be within the first 2 years after their PhD graduation with demonstrated achievements in neuroscience research reflected in their publications.

Type: Postdoctoral Fellow
Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Marotta
Contact: jonathan.marotta@umanitoba.ca
Description of Opportunity: Dr. Marotta is always looking for exceptional, motivated students at all levels. Students interested in pursuing Honour’s research in the lab are encouraged to visit. Potential Master’s and Ph.D. students and Post-doctoral Fellows are encouraged to contact Dr. Marotta for information on facilities, funding, on-going projects, and research exchanges. By the time Postdoctoral Fellows leave the Perception and Action Lab, they will have the skills and research experience necessary to establish their own cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience laboratories fostering sophisticated, multidisciplinary approaches to investigations of visual perception and visuomotor control.